Conteneo created the Certified Collaboration Architect (CCA) program to promote the use of decision-making and problem-solving templates to create high performing teams in the public and private sector.

Certified Collaboration Architect Overview

What is a Certified Collaboration Architect?

At Conteneo we believe in the power of multidimensional collaboration. Our online collaboration engines and collaboration templates allow people to work together to develop ideas and solutions that would be impossible on their own. Organizations use our collaboration templates to collaborate with customers, partners and employees to build better products and services. A collaboration architect do not simply “facilitate” an online or in-person forum — he or she designs an experience that maximizes the collaboration between all participants. We are now referring to all people who facilitate or produce these experiences as Collaboration Architects.

Why is being a collaboration architect important?

We created the Certified Collaboration Architect (CCA) Program to help companies using our collaboration engines and templates find the experienced partners they need to have successful engagements, and help our collaboration architects market and promote themselves to those companies. Certified Collaboration Architects may create public profiles listing their experience in the Conteneo Weave, enabling companies to find the CCA with right experience, background, and skills to deliver the insights they need.

For individuals, this is a chance to set yourself apart from your peers. Both employers and client see becoming a Certified Collaboration Architect as a valued skill, because the certification needs to be earned through education and practice. Becoming a Certified Collaboration Architect tells the marketplace that you are skilled in applying, adapting and even creating templates to help organizations solve complex and enduring business problems.

For organizations, the Certified Collaboration Architect program provides you a way to motivate your employees to gain the fundamental knowledge and practice they need to become successful, collaborative high-performance teams. You are also able to monitor your organization’s adoption of the collaboration templates and techniques by monitoring the number of employees who achieve each belt level over time. Ensuring that your staff have this fundamental knowledge is critical to ensure your organization reaches business success.

Certification Credits, Belts and how to earn them

certification table
LevelsBeltsExperience CreditsRequirements
Experience Credits may be solely Training Credits or a combination of Training & Facilitation Credits at the Apprentice Level.
Experience Credits may be a combination of Training & Facilitation Credits at the Journeyman Level.
Belts at the Master Level require Production Credits, in addition to Facilitation and Training Credits.

The Certified Collaboration Architect Program is skill-based. You earn credits and advance through belt levels by:

1. Facilitating and/or producing online forums, using Conteneo Weave.

2. Facilitating and/or producing in-person forums that leverage Conteneo’s collaboration templates and/or other approved techniques, including Gamestorming and the Business Model Canvas / Value Proposition Canvas.

3. Education and training. Certified Collaboration Architects may earn certification credits by taking certification classes from approved instructors, by attending Playcamps, Conteneo webinars and other approved events.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees for the certification program?

There are no certification fees for the program; however, individuals must have a paid account at at least the Standard level to obtain certification credits. Individuals who take training courses from certified collaboration instructurs will receive a one-year standard subcription as part of their registration and will be granted certification credits upon successfully completing the course.

Individuals who obtain a Purple belt or higher must maintain a Professional subscription.


How do I report my in-person certification credits?

In-person certification credit reporting is completed via the online platform. Log into the Conteneo Weave and select “In Person Event Reports” from the pull-down menu below your user name in the upper right hand corner.


How do I know if my online forum qualifies for certification credits?

An online forum must have 2 players, be 15 minutes in length duration, and have 10 chat messages to count for credit.