Weave Achievements are a means whereby you can demonstrate your skills in creating and using collaboration templates, facilitating forums and producing collaboration events.

They benefit individuals by helping them track their progress in becoming skillful facilitators.

They benefit enterprises by helping the enterprise identify increasingly skilled facilitators who can tackle complex collaboration challenges.

Achievements are automatically recognized by Weave based on Achievement Credits.

Earning Achievement Credits

certification table
Levels Belts Achievement Credits Requirements
Apprentice White
Achievements in the Apprentice level can be earned through Experience Credits acquired by producing forums online in Weave or in-person.
Journeyman Green
Achievements in the Journeyman level can be earned through Experience Credits acquired by producing forums online in Weave or in-person.
Master Red
Achievements at the Master Level require Credits earned by both facilitating forums and producing Collaboration Events.


Weave Achievements are skill-based. You earn credits and advance through belt levels by:

1. Facilitating and/or producing online forums using Weave.

2. Facilitating and/or producing in-person forums that leverage collaboration templates and/or other approved techniques, including Gamestorming and canvases, such as the Business Model Canvas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees for the Achievements program?

There are no fees for the program; however, individuals who wish to earn Achivements must have a paid Weave account to earn Achievement Credits.

How do I report my in-person Achivement Credits?

In-person achievement credit reporting is accomplished directly in Weave. Log into Weave and select “Achievements” from the pull-down menu below your user name in the upper right hand corner.

How do I know if my online forum qualifies for achievement credits?

Our goal is to promote collaboration while ensuring that achievements are based on reasonably demonstrated skills, as we are hopeful that no one wants to claim they are a highly skilled facilitator without actual experience! We also strive to balance the specific requirements of what qualifies for achievement credits with the wide variety of use cases that Weave supports. Accordingly, an online forum must have all of the following to qualify for achievement credits: at least 2 players, with a duration of at least 15 minutes, with 20 or more actions (or events).