Conteneo and the Wirtschaftskammer Wien Partner to Bring Innovation to Viennese Companies.

Mountain View, CA — September 14, 2015 — Today, Conteneo Inc. announced a partnership agreement with Wirtschaftskammer Wien, the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Austria, to help Viennese companies improve innovation and decision-making processes. The partnership agreement provides Vienna-based companies with more than 35 employees access to the Conteneo Collaboration Cloud’s Idea Engine and Decision Engine. Viennese companies will also be able to work with a selected group of Vienna-based Innovation Consultants to integrate the digital platform and techniques into their innovation process.

Decision Engine
Idea engine prune
Idea Engine

Conteneo’s Idea Engine and Decision Engine are designed to streamline an organization’s innovation process, enabling them to quickly and easily transform their ideas into action. Idea Engine leverages visual metaphors and visual thinking to structure collaboration, using and extending dozens of preconfigured and custom frameworks to allow teams across the enterprise to address their unique business goals. Decision Engine enables organizations to collaboratively reach decisions on priorities through negotiation and understanding, in a process similar to participatory budgeting, so that they can take action.

“We’re delighted to be working with the Wirtschaftskammer Wien to bring the power of multidimensional collaboration to Viennese companies,” said Luke Hohmann, CEO of Conteneo Inc. “Efficient communication and informed decision making are critical for economic success in today’s increasingly digital and distributed world. We built Conteneo’s Idea Engine and Decision Engine to enable organizations to easily collaborate and make decisions more quickly, whether they are in the same room or across time zones.”

“At Wirtschaftskammer Wien, our mission is to support Viennese companies reach their fullest potential. Leading companies around the world are using the Conteneo Collaboration Cloud to drive improvement in the innovation process,” said Hannes Hippacher, Project Manager – Innovation, Wirtschaftskammer Wien, “and we’re pleased to support Viennese companies in their success through access to this innovative collaborative platform.”

Licenses for the Conteneo Collaboration Cloud’s Idea Engine and Decision Engine are available for Vienna-based companies with 35 or more employees and are for a two-year term from registration. Interested companies should contact the Wirtschaftskammer Wien’s innovation team. More details on the program are available at


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