Learn the Lingo!



An event is a gathering of knowledge workers to solve a problem.

This may be rendered as a single forum, many forums or a gala, where frameworks are used to solve problems. Or it may exist as an in-person event, where knowledge workers get together to collaborate in order to solve a problem(s).



A facilitator is a person who assists a group of people to work together and discuss ideas in order to solve a problem. Facilitators are impartial. Their role is to help the group follow an agreed upon process for discussion or problem solving. Facilitators ensure that all members of a group are engaged and have an opportunity to fully participate. Weave facilitators have additional controls that enable them to manage discussions and to help the group achieve their goals.


A framework can be defined as a tool that knowledge workers use to solve problems.

For example, Prune the Product Tree is a framework ideal for generating ideas, and Buy a Feature is a prioritization framework.


A forum is a meeting that leverages a framework to help the people participating better solve a problem.



A gala is essentially a group of forums, running during a specified time. All participants share the same url and the system will organize participants into groups according to the rules that the producer set.

Guest List

A guest list, defined when scheduling a forum, saves seats in the forum for specific participants specified by their e-mail addresses.



Item Type



Participant refers to people who engage in forums.


Producer refers to the person who chooses a framework, specifies options of and schedules a forum.



Regions are powerful tools within the Weave platform that help you create greater value from your frameworks. Technically, a region is an geofence that is added on top of the image in an Idea Engine framework that lets you know if an item is placed inside the geofence.

Let’s explain that more practically. Let’s say you’re using a framework like Prune the Future to capture how you think a product or service will evolve over time. One of your participants places an apple on your image. Now, in the back of your mind, you know that this apple is captured via an X-Y coordinate. But that’s not very helpful! What you want to know is the meaning of the apple: is it “sooner” or “later”?

Regions to the rescue! By drawing two regions, one that represents “sooner” and another that represents “later”, Weave will automatically tell you if the apple on the image is contained in one (or neither) of these regions. This creates an incredibly powerful tool for managing frameworks!