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Welcome to our support site! We’ve loaded it videos that help you get the most from Weave. But we invite you to call us at +1-408-529-0319 if you need urgent help or just want to tell us how much you love Weave. You can also email us at

Weave Basics

You will find Weave easier to use if you understand its basic structure. These videos will help you get started.

Weave Overview

Roles and Responsibilities

Getting Started with Instant Start Forums

Instant Start Forums are an easy way to use a framework without going through the process of scheduling. This video will show you how to do this, how to add people to your forum and how to find and interact with your forums from the Weave dashboard.

Scheduling an Event

Instant start forums are great for ad-hoc collaboration. When you want a more structured approach or more control over your event, you will want to schedule an event. Weave provides two powerful options for events: Forums and Galas.

Schedule a Forum

A forum is a single use of the framework for a specific date and time.

Schedule a Gala

A gala is a set of forums that occur between a specified start time and an end time.

Managing the Lobby

Participants gather in the lobby before the forum begins. Learning to use the lobby effectively greatly enhances the impact of your event.

Analyzing Forum Results

Analyzing forum results enables you to extract the full value from your collaborations. You can download images and conduct extensive analysis in Excel and other tools.

Tailoring a Framework

Every framework in Weave can be tailored to meet your needs. You will find this especially useful when you’re using instant start forums for ad-hoc collaboration.

Creating a Framework from a Forum

You will create new frameworks when you want to scale collaboration. The easiest and fastest way to create your own frameworks in Weave is to simply convert a forum to a framework.

Creating a Framework From Scratch

When you want to use a custom image you’ll want the full power of the Weave Framework editor. This video will show you how to create new frameworks from scratch.

Scaling Prioritization Through Decision Engine Tournaments

Sometimes you need to prioritize a large list of projects or features. You can do this through a prioritization tournament as shown in this video.

Earning Certification Credit and Belts

Certified Collaboration Architects (CCA) are ranked by martial arts-styled “belts” which identify the most active and skillful members of our community.
Belts are earned by gaining “Experience” credits through a combination of skill-based activities.

Training Credits

If you take a certification course from one of our Qualified Instructors, they will submit certification credits upon completion of the course.

Online Facilitation & Production

Weave’s online system automatically credits you for any online collaboration forum facilitated using Decision Engine and Idea Engine.

In-Person Facilitation & Production

To receive credits for your in-person facilitation and production, log into your account and select “In-Person Event Reports” from the pull-down menu.