Moving from politics to priorities can be a challenging journey. Entrenched behaviors, existing budgets, sacred cows and acceptance of the status quo all work against moving towards advocacy, transparency and collaboration. Conteneo’s professional services have helped organizations of all shapes and sizes identify and align on strategy, prioritize billions of dollars in portfolio value, understand customers and increase agility.

Portfolio Prioritization

Our Portfolio Prioritization services moves beyond simplistic ROI analysis by helping you establish clear priorities, distinguish different “Run the Business” and “New” initiatives, organize and prioritize your portfolio and ensure you’re allocating resources to the most promising outcomes.

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Enterprise Retrospectives

Single team retrospectives are great at identifying impediments that a single team can fix. Understanding impediments that affect multiple teams requires a different approach. Our Enterprise Retrospective services leverages online templates to enable you to improve performance of the entire organization by cost-effectively identifying and prioritizing impediments that affect multiple teams.

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Customer Case Study:

bwinWhen wanted to identify opportunities for improvement for nearly 500 developers in Hyderabad, India who were engaged in a large scale Agile transformation, they turned to Conteneo to conduct an Enterprise Retrospective. Each team participated in a forum at a time convenient for them, generating a unique set of data that was used to identify organizational impediments in processes and technology.

Identifying and Removing Technical Debt

Organizations adopting Agile practices often find that a scary monster lurks within their source code. No, it isn’t your Product Owner! It is Technical Debt. Technical Debt can cripple organizations and derail the most well-intentioned Agile Transformations. Our Technical Debt Advisory services help you slay the dragon by through identification, visualization and prioritization templates.

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Roadmap Jam

Roadmaps for a single product or service can be created by single teams. Developing complex roadmaps, for multiple products and multiple teams, requires a Roadmap Jam. Conteneo’s Roadmap Jam services leverage online and in-person templates to help you bridge the gap between strategy and tactics through high-impact roadmaps.

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Design Jam

A Design Jam is a highly interactive Customer Advisory Board meeting that uses design thinking templates to improve existing products and services and develop new ones. Our Design Jam services provide expert production and facilitation so that you can focus on managing customers and creating awesome products and services.

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Customer Case Study: Conteneo

We love drinking our own champagne – especially when it comes to design jams! Check out this post to learn how we used a design jam to when we wanted to redesign the Idea Engine!

Design Sprint

A Design Sprint is a five-day program designed to answer critical business questions through a structured use of design thinking templates, qualitative research, paper-prototyping, journey mapping, development and testing of hypothesis and Lean Startup thinking. Conteneo’s Design Sprint services enable to you dramatically compress insights and learning into actionable results.

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