Conteneo has developed a global network of partners who share our belief that teams work better with templates. Our combined forces enable us to deliver services at any level or scope, from strategy services for small executive teams to massive, multi-thousand person Agile transformations that span cultures, languages and continents.


Our partners provide a rich variety of Agile, portfolio management, strategy, innovation and business model development services. While we’ve chosen to list our partners in alphabetical order, we encourage you to review this list carefully, as our team is global in nature.


We work with you to create better working environments and design a great customer experience. Our consultants have a proven track record helping organisations adopt modern management methods and improve their business results.

Amelior Services

We help your people, teams and organization to improve or “améliorer”. We are experts in new product development, specifically Lean, Scrum, Agile and Innovation, and we have deep experience at scale with leading companies.

Applied Frameworks

At Applied Frameworks we help leaders create highly profitable software offerings by mastering the business role of product management.

Bay Spark

Bay Spark is a Business Agility Consultancy based in the United Kingdom that helps organisations to: Deliver the right products and services in the right way, Increase Employee Engagement, Realise the value of their efforts sooner, Become a learning organisation capable of navigating the complexities of the market.

Blue Shift Innovation

Blueshift Innovation is an Agile consulting and training firm with headquarters in Kansas City, MO.


We believe motivated and engaged people achieve the best results, so we help organizations to grow their teams’ mojo.


Our happy clients are organisations willing to succeed in their innovation and/or transformation programmes, overcoming complexity to deliver more value for Customers, Employees and Stakeholders. As a team of expert facilitators and trainers, we design and run creative, agile and collaborative experiences, in order to make it happen at scale with existing talents and assets. Creagile is leveraging Conteneo’s collaboration templates, to deliver valuable Customer insights, to improve Business efficiency and to develop Agile culture and practices in your organization.

Impavid Agile

Impavid Agile provides your organization with experts to develop an enterprise transformation strategy and roadmap powered by practical hands-on mentoring, training, and leadership. Our experts have successfully led the organization transformation of many Fortune 500 companies and start-ups.

Jesse Fewell

I help people thrive at work. As an engineer, a manager, a speaker, and an executive, I’ve worked with thousands of people at dozens of companies. Everywhere I go, I see breakdowns and breakthroughs; idiocy and innovation; pain and promise. I believe the difference between the two is leadership, and whether our managers actually do it well. If you are frustrated that your teams are not living up to their potential, I can help.

Look Forward Consulting

Look Forward Consulting helps teams and organizations as they reach for higher levels of performance and engagement. Our business is to help your business grow and flourish.


Persistent Systems builds software that drives the business of our customers; enterprises and software product companies with software at the core of their digital transformation.

Spearfish Innovation

Spearfish Innovation translates your strategic initiatives into business results. We specialize in accelerating businesses through inflection points in their life cycle – those moments when doing business the same old way just won’t cut it.


SolutionsIQ is the leading Agile transformation and Innovation consultancy. We guide our clients toward becoming learning organizations capable of adapting at the speed of market change, consistently delivering high-quality products and thrilling customers. SolutionsIQ helps technology-driven organizations outperform their competition. Visit us at


At Valueinnova, we help you improve and accelerate the economy of your business through strategic-tactical-operational Alignment and a healthy Balance between value-to-customer, value-to-enterprise and the human-aspect. We take you through the journey of making your organization or your entire company more successful through our Lean Agile integration templates: Serious LeAP™ and ToDoLAB™. Whether you are a mega-corporation or a small startup, we get you there.

Non-Profit Partners

Conteneo has developed strategic partnerships and relationships with leading institutions in a number of areas.

Every Voice Engaged Foundation

Every Voice Engaged Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit devoted to increasing civic engagement through Participatory Budgeting and Deliberative Decision Making. Supported by our global network of Certified Collaboration Architects and our partners, we’re showing that the collaborative templates and practices pioneered by the Agile software development movement can make progress on the wicked and technical problems we’re facing at all levels of society.

The Kettering Foundation

The Kettering Foundation is a nonprofit operating foundation rooted in the American tradition of cooperative research. Kettering’s primary research question is, what does it take to make democracy work as it should? Kettering’s research is distinctive because it is conducted from the perspective of citizens and focuses on what people can do collectively to address problems affecting their lives, their communities, and their nation.

Working together, Conteneo and The Kettering Foundation have created Common Ground for Action, the first scalable platform for Deliberative Decision Making.

Scrum Alliance

Founded in 2001, the Scrum Alliance® is the largest, most established and influential professional membership and certification organization in the Agile community. We are a nonprofit association with more than 500,000 certified practitioners worldwide. Together, Conteneo and the Scrum Alliance produce the monthly Collaboration at Scale webinar series which reaches more than 1000 agilists every month. Request access to previous webinars here.

Become a Partner

We seek to expand our global program of partners with progressive, like-minded companies. Conteneo partners enjoy a number of benefits:

  • Partners receive discounted licenses to Conteneo’s platforms for internal and external use
  • All revenue generated from using Conteneo’s platforms is owned by the partner
  • Partners participate in Conteneo marketing and advertising programs
  • Partners are often invited to assist Conteneo in producing events
  • Some employees of partners may qualify to become Conteneo Certified Collaboration Instructors

If you share our values and have the abilities to deliver amazing results, drop us a line!

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