Conteneo’s Weave platforms comes with a library of tailorable frameworks that support every phase of the innovation process, ranging from identifying opportunities, engaging employees, supercharging design thinking and helping manage innovation portfolios.

Identifying Opportunities

Opportunities for innovation abound when you have a clear understanding of the problems your customers are trying to solve, the jobs they need done and the benefits they’re seeking from your products and services.

Understanding Customer Pains

Speedboat is a simple framework for understanding customer pains. Customers explicitly represent problems, obstacles and risks that holding them back from successfully performing their jobs to be done by using the analogy of a speedboat held back by anchors.

Understanding Customer Gains

Cover Story is a framework that helps you understand customer gains—the personal, functional, economic and even societal benefits they are seeking from your products and services by asking them to image your product or service as the featured story in a major magazine.

Beyond Pain? Nightmares!

My Worst Nightmare is a framework that gives you safe access to the surprising insights that occur when you give customers the permission to tell you about their deepest fears. Suppose, for example, you’re researching opportunities for a sports drink designed for endurance athletes. A “worst nightmare” sports drink might induce vomiting, cause dehydration, create stains that can’t be removed if spilled (or simply taste bad)!

Determining Customer Priorities

Buy a Feature is a framework that helps you identify customer priorities for predefined value proposition features. Customers are given a limited budget to collaboratively buy their preferred features, which you price based on real-world factors. Analyzing which customers purchased what features and the specific language they used in their negotiations enables you to determine how you should invest your resources.

Employee Innovation

Research from IBM states that while global CEOs rank their employees as the single biggest source of innovative ideas, they recognized that ineffective collaboration inhibits companies from realizing the full benefits of innovation (Expanding the Innovation Horizon). To realize the full potential of innovation, you have to give your teams more than email and teleconferencing: You need to give them frameworks drive innovation.

Jumping Technology Curves

Curve Jump helps enterprises identify how they can “jump a technology curve” for innovation. Each team uses the framework to capture their thoughts and ideas on new technologies. The results of multiple forums are analyzed to identify commonalities and outliers that drive high-impact results.

Whole Product Differentiation

Organizations stop innovating when they feel that they are somehow “done” with a product or service. In his classic Harvard Business Review article Marketing Success Through Differentiation—of Anything, Theodore Levitt shows that every product and service can be an endless source of innovation when considered through the Whole Product framework.

Innovation. Now!

Brainstorming can feel like a drinking a can of soda: A quick, cheap rush of sugar that provides little nutritional value. How-Now-Wow is a framework that provides a more fulfilling structure for idea creation and exploration. Individual teams generate and classify ideas on two dimensions, identifying those ideas with ‘WOW’ potential: original ideas that can be implemented within current technology. Analysis across many teams reveal the ideas with extraordinary potential.