We’re a bunch of badass Scala developers who create scalable, secure engines that power collaboration. Goal: Build confidence we’re the right enterprise-ready partner.

Overview Video


  • Visual Frameworks: These are frameworks based on visual images.
    • Example: Single Speed Boat – this is a framework that can be used with a single team or multiple teams.
  • Resource Allocation Frameworks – Buy a Feature, Fund a Project, Zero-Based Budgeting
  • Compound Frameworks – examples might include having multiple versions of the planning wall.
  • Frameworks for Single Team
  • Frameworks for Multiple Teams
  • Multiple teams on a single framework

the structure of the platform

Forums, Frameworks, Projects

Guests lists

Running forums, inviting people, controling participation (talk about how you can get access to various things??)

need to talk about single frameworks and lots of teams

What does this mean