The Weave platform integrates templates and teams to create breakthrough results. Weave scales from a single user/single team to thousands of teams across distributed enterprises. more about Weave and the principles that guide how we create all of our platforms.

Video Overview

We could tell you about our great software… but you’d probably rather watch these short video overviews instead!


This video comes with a warning: Watching it will have you dreaming of the superpowers you acquire when you leverage Weave and online templates to solve problems at scale. Watch… dream… Weave!

Idea Generating Templates

Weave comes with dozens of customizable templates that use visual thinking and powerful metaphors to create extraordinary results. Bonus? Weave’s design tools let you create your own templates!

Decision Making Templates

Here’s a fun overview of Buy a Feature from Certified Collaboration Instructor and Certified Scrum Trainer Brent Barton!

Weave’s Guiding Principles

Teams Do the Work

Because you organize your work around teams, we’ve optimized our forums for groups of 2 to 8 people, increasing engagement and creating high-impact, action-oriented results.

We Scale Through Teams

We know that you need to scale – so we support you by enabling you to run as many concurrent forums as you need. Want to collaborate with 80 people? Great! Run 10 forums. Want to collaborate with 80 thousand people? Now you’re talking! Run 10 thousand forums!

Control Your Crowd with Guest Lists

Our platforms provide you fine-grained control on who participates in your forums, making it easy for you to ensure the right people are using the right templates.

Certified Collaboration Architects

Facilitators help you run your forums to generate high-impact results. Weave has some of the best facilitators around – trained, experienced and certified in helping you select, design and tailor templates to meet your needs.