Forthcoming Engines

Knowledge workers around the world constantly create new frameworks (See, for example, Navigating the Dozens of Different Strategy Options from Harvard Business Review).

When the existing Weave engines can’t support a framework we create a new engine. We offer these new engines as services to fine-tune their use. Then we integrate them into the Weave platform.

Here are two engines that Conteneo has created that support different kinds of problem solving frameworks. They are presently available through consulting engagements. Contact us if you’d like more information.

Alignment Engine (Knowsy®)

Alignment Engine helps teams identify and understand their individual priorities and find alignment—all though the power of collaboration.

TODO: Click here to see a gallery of Alignment Engines

Strategy Engine (Common Ground for Action)

Created in partnership with The Kettering Foundation, Strategy Engine enables teams to tackle complex, multi-faceted problems by asking them to consider the actions and drawbacks of potential courses of action and building an interactive visualization of where the team has a foundation for action.

that require deliberation to consider the options, actions, and drawbacks of each potential decision.