Senior Front End Lead Developer

Conteneo is looking for a Senior Front End Lead Developer. And we’re not looking for just any developer. We’re looking for someone who hungers for a growth opportunity and doesn’t want to get sucked into the dank coding basement of a large corporate behemoth, or a person who is tired of watching their company spiral downward because they haven’t had a hit in years. In other words, a person who wants to walk into work every day and know that their code really matters.

This isn’t any opportunity. This is the chance of a lifetime! At Conteneo you’ll code on our interactive, browser-based collaboration platform Weave and collaborative applications like Idea Engine, Knowsy, and Strategy Engine. These tools are used by thousands of users, teams and organizations world-wide.

You’ll get a chance to work with a world-renowned team of experts. You’ll leverage strong, scalable web technologies (Scala/Lift/Angular) and mobile devices (iOS/Android) to create new kinds of interaction models for helping teams solve problems. You’ll join a team that is not only willing to listen to your recommendations, but will also be eager to explore alternative solutions to complex problems. We enjoy celebrating our successes and cleaning up our mistakes. We don’t just talk about changing the world, we’re actively changing it.

As a front end dev lead, you will work with the team to deliver features for our platform and web applications. The team will look to you to refine our existing client-side development patterns and lead the creation of new patterns and exploration of new technologies.

What’s in it for you?

We’ve Got Your Back

While we may be diverse, with strong opinions, we’re one team, united in our belief that collaborating teams are the world’s best hope to solve the problems we’re facing.


You will get to create collaboration engines used and loved by real people solving real problems in real organizations. And your work will directly impact even more people through our nonprofit sister organization, Every Voice Engaged Foundation.

Competitive Compensation

Because we want you happily focused on creating awesome software, we provide a terrific work environment with a competitive salary, stock options and even coffee, when somebody makes it.

Think you got the chops?

You must possess a solid technical background (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular, iOS, Android) with the ability (or proven desire) to create secure, scalable, standards compliant solutions. While we’d like you to grok Agile development practices and multidimensional collaboration, we’re happy to teach you what you don’t know. You need to be dynamic, fast working and absolutely reliable, capable of organizing and estimating your own work, creating a plan and following it to clear your backlog while treating our customers with sensitivity and decorum. Good communication skills, attention to detail, patience and a sense of humor are essential.

Coding Chops
  • Given a visual design, you can generate html5 and css3 to create a pixel perfect implementation
  • Solid frontend skills, ability to code maintainable, testable javascript and the ability to improve existing codebases using best practices
  • Ability to identify, evaluate and deploy front-end libraries and frameworks using modern package managers like npm
  • At least 3 years experience in jQuery and Angular, developing self-contained, reusable, and testable modules and components
  • Experience in functional concepts such as asynchronous programming using futures and functional composition
  • Able to interface with backend developers to architect simple solutions to complex problems
  • A solid understanding of integration and design using Web/REST APIs and integration patterns such as webhooks and technologies like Zapier
  • A conceptual understanding of data models
  • Up to date with modern front end workflows/tools like SASS, Webpack, Grunt, etc.
  • Know how to git around and git along with a code repository (hint: we use git)
Design Chops
  • Know your way around Adobe’s awesome products such as Photoshop and XD
  • Can enhance existing visual and interaction designs given a set of use cases
  • Added bonus if you can produce visual and interaction designs from scratch
Agile Chops
  • Able to function within a scrum team with fluid roles and evolving backlog
  • Adhere to best practices by using and creating development patterns
  • Able to deliver whole and complete product within the bounds of sprint
Karate Chops
  • Ooops, now we are getting carried away, but we do have more than 1000 Trained Collaboration Architects and nearly 10 have earned a Black Belt!

Don’t bother applying if any of these apply to you:

  • Your first, second, or third question is: “Do we get free lunches?”
  • Your portfolio isn’t more awesome than our current engines
  • You can’t write better WordPress HTML than Luke, who created this page and is really frustrated that he can’t make it look more awesome (because at times, you might have to help our WordPress site)
  • You’ve never seen a X-Men movie and don’t appreciate the uber-coolness of Post-it Notes

Are you Ready?

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