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Prioritize Portfolios & Backlogs

Prioritization may not always be fun, but knowing what initiatives to pursue when is crucial for business success. And with our proprietary collaboration game engine and services, you’ll be able to prioritize faster, gain true engagement and broader buy-in, and move from decision to action faster. Even if your organization is distributed by time and place.

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Develop & Align Strategy

Your company’s success is driven by its strategic vision—ensuring product lines, services and initiatives align with changing market demand. But moving quickly means accessing knowledge that you only get from business leaders on the front lines. Conteneo’s proprietary SaaS software and service offerings enable companies to tap into the wisdom of middle management, allowing collaboration across time zones and divisions to define and execute strategies that take advantage of emerging trends and unmet opportunities.

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“We gained valuable insight into how an international customer interacts with our products — from the web to software purchase/download to documentation. Using games was a fun way of extracting serious ideas and it allowed people to be more creative and free in their thinking.” –Janice Campbell, Adobe

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Product & Service Innovation

Creating breakthrough products and services hinges not just on customer understanding, but on employee engagement. Our proprietary SaaS software and services enable you to gain deep insight into customer needs, while tapping into your own corporate talent and energy to drive innovation. The result is breakthrough products and services, delivered with speed and at scale.

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Continuous Improvement

The agile movement has brought many improvements to the enterprise, including improving team performance through retrospectives. But what if you could apply that continuous improvement to the organization as a whole? Conteneo’s enterprise retrospectives leverage online collaboration games and services to tap into the wisdom of the entire organization and improve enterprise-wide.


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Great companies power their epic wins with Conteneo. We invite you to join them.

Our Cred

We enable companies to create epic wins through the power of employee and customer engagement. If you are seeking Business Agility at scale, our proprietary, enterprise-class SaaS Platform and services bring together serious games, data analytics and expert insight to jumpstart your success.

Proprietary Collaboration Engine

Conteneo’s Collaboration Cloud offers on-demand access in a secure and scalable manner, along with rich analytics and downloadable reports of game results—enabling you to easily tap into your customers’ and employee’s creativity and insight through collaboration and game play.

Science of Social Play

At Conteneo, our team of scientists, academics and practitioners use the science of serious games to unlock employee and customer engagement for our clients. Rooted in a range of disciplines (from cognitive science and evolutionary psychology to game theory), our proprietary software and services enable leading organizations to quickly and easily adapt to market and operational changes–on any scale. And research backs us up:

Read more about the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and University Oulu’s ongoing studies of our techniques. View Study

Expert Talent

Founded by early leaders in the Agile movement, Conteneo has been at the forefront of using serious games and collaborative play to do real work for more than a decade. We have the know-how and experience to help you produce epic wins at scale.

We have deep experience enabling organizations of all sizes achieve business agility—from startups to the Fortune 500—and across verticals such as Finance, IT, Telecom, Consumer Packaged Goods, Media, Market Research, and much more.

We’re also global: 100s of Certified Collaboration Architects, Qualified Instructors and skilled consultants in the North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Client Wins

We help leading companies achieve business agility at scale through collaborative, social, serious games, and count such companies as Daimler Financial, Reed Elsevier, Cisco, Yahoo!, Rackspace, Adobe as clients. Find out how we can help you superpower your organization.


Learn how our customers create epic wins.

  • “Innovation Games® Online helped our global team prioritize our project portfolio. The games helped us understand global priorities, the reasons behind these priorities, and critical project requirements. And, our employees enjoyed the process!”

    Kara Jarawala, HP
  • “Using Innovation Games at our Technical Advisory Council meetings have not only provided us with wonderful insights regarding product strategies, requirements and new market opportunities, but more importantly, the games have given our customers new and creative ways to provide feedback in a way that they enjoy.”

    Neal Starling, VP Sales & Service, Emerson Climate Technologies
  • “The game mechanism helped us look at strategy from a different perspective. For example, in strategy, you need to look at what could happen, what would happen. The games helped us visualize these scenarios; they helped us model the future.”

    Francis Tsang, Senior Director of Globalization, Adobe

Our Brands

Our brands super power teams to create epic wins – in Portfolio Management, Strategy, Organization Improvement and Product and Service Innovation.


Read the book that started it all …

Innovation Games: Creating Breakthrough Products through Collaborative Play is the seminal text for using serious games and collaboration produce business success. Born from work in the early days of the Agile software movement, Luke Hohmann’s book was considered “too radical” for some publishers in 2006, but based on the popularity of serious games and gamification, theory has finally caught up to practice.

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Join Gavin Nathan, VP Client Engagement at Ignite Advisory Group, and Luke Hohmann, CEO of Conteneo, for a free webinar “How to Best Run a Customer Advisory Board: 10 Tips for Creating a World-Class CAB Programa. Drawing on their extensive background designing and managing advisory boards for leading companies, Nathan and Hohmann will discuss how to design an advisory program, recruit and onboard members, build meeting agenda, sustain interactivity between meetings, measure ROI and much more!

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