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Communication and coordination is easy in our mobile-first, instant-message world. So easy that organizations mistake communication for collaboration. And if all you give your teams is a document repository and an instant message client, all you’ll get is people communicating over mountains of data with no decisions and no actions.

True collaboration is needed to tackle the problems you’re facing in strategy, product and service innovation, portfolio management and agile product development.

Conteneo’s collaboration engines generate high-impact results by giving teams exactly what they need –clear goals, defined resources and rules of engagement — allowing them to collaborate with customers, partners and employees whether they are across the world or in the same room.

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Conquer wicked problems through deliberative collaboration.

We think the 50% failure rate of strategic business decisions caused by failing to consider multiple options (reported by Paul Nutt and Chip and Dan Heath) is unacceptable. Conteneo’s Strategy Engine enables you to tackle complex, multi-faceted problems that require leaders to consider the options, actions, and drawbacks of each potential decision. Based on the deliberative collaboration technique pioneered by The Kettering Foundation, Strategy Engine’s online forums create understanding and a foundation for action in such areas as mergers and acquisitions, growth and market expansion, community/urban planning and more.

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Visual Thinking for Teams at Massive Scale

From product innovation to market research, team retrospectives and more, Conteneo’s Idea Engine enables organizations to use the power of visual metaphors and visual thinking (vizthink) to structure collaboration. Our Idea Engine is pre-configured with dozens of frameworks and can be extended to create custom frameworks tuned to your specific goals, enabling single teams to thousands of teams to move beyond talking to true collaboration.

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Build high-performance teams through alignment.

Conteneo’s Alignment Engine helps teams identify and understand their individual priorities and find alignment—all though the power of collaboration. The engine’s compelling artwork, easy-to-use UI, analytics and completely customizable content means that agreeing on priorities has never been so easy.

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Decide together and take action.

Conteneo’s Decision Engine enables teams, customers and partners to collaboratively reach decisions on priorities through negotiation and understanding. From prioritizing new features on an upcoming release, to participatory budgeting in the public and private sector, using Conteneo’s Decision Engine means you not only understand what initiatives/features are most important, but why.  Customize, create and use Decision Engine’s virtual market forums with 5 to 5,000 participants, across the world or across the table.

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Professional Services & our global network of Certified Collaboration Architects.

Our professional services and global network of Certified Collaboration Architects can help you put our Collaboration Cloud to work in your organization. Our experts, paired with our cloud-based collaboration engines, are the foundation of our customized solutions in Strategy, Innovation, Agility and Training.  We’re located in every continent, speak more than 12 languages, and have the domain expertise needed to help your business.

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Around the world, progress organizations  are using the Conteneo Collaboration Cloud to be more productive, innovative and competitive. We invite you to join them.



We admit that we blush a bit when our clients toot our horn.

  • “Conteneo’s Decision Engine helped our global team prioritize our project portfolio. The forums helped us understand global priorities, the reasons behind these priorities, and critical project requirements. And, our employees enjoyed the process!”

    Kara Jarawala, HP
  • “Using Conteneo’s techniques at our Technical Advisory Council meetings have not only provided us with wonderful insights regarding product strategies, requirements and new market opportunities, but more importantly, the techniquess have given our customers new and creative ways to provide feedback in a way that they enjoy.”

    Neal Starling, VP Sales & Service, Emerson Climate Technologies
  • “The game mechanism helped us look at strategy from a different perspective. For example, in strategy, you need to look at what could happen, what would happen. They helped us visualize these scenarios; they helped us model the future.”

    Francis Tsang, Senior Director of Globalization, Adobe Systems

Help Us Make the World a Better Place

Civic engagement is broken.  Until every voice is heard.  Until citizens, government and industry engage.

We believe that true collaboration can help solve the complex and multi-faceted problems our world IMG_7242faces. Through the Every Voice Engaged Foundation, our global community is working to make the world a better place, extending our vision of productive, collaborating teams to Participatory Budgeting and Deliberative Forums.

We hope you will join us.

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Our Civic Engagement Partners

Our foundation and partners are helping us extend our vision of collaborating, productive teams to government and nonprofits.




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